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BackupExec 2010R3 B2D Setup

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Hey Guys,

Currently, I have a dual driver Dell TL2000 LTO4 which basically does a full backup of our servers nightly. I take a each nights backup offsite with me and the Friday night's backup goes down to our offsite vault each Monday.

I have now been told to setup BackupExec to do nightly B2D, and I'm not 100% as to which way to go about it.
I have a storage server with about 7TB, which has the Backup Exec 2010R3 installed on it.

Now I need to backup roughly 4TB of data nightly, which will then be backed up to LTO4 tapes during the day, which I'll take offsite

I know this sounds extremely stupid and I totally agree. But for some god awful reason, this company will not allow me to differential backups during the week. Everything must be FULL BACKUP and this is what they want...

So now I'm trying to wrap my head around how all this is going to work through BE in regards to catalogs and restores.
Obviously, I'm going to have to basically setup a Media Set that has a 1day overwrite period and have the BFK files associated to this Media set.

My brain is hurting please help :(
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You're right. A media set with 1 day overwrite protection is the way to go.
To match the 2 tape drives, you'd probably want to create 2 separate partitions with 1 B2D device each.

4TB a night is a lot for D2D2T though. Impossible for Backup Exec I'd guess. How long are your tape backups taking at the moment for the 4TB? Ideally you'd want the D2D (i.e. B2D) stage to finish in 12 hours, so the D2T (i.e. duplication) stage can finish in the other 12 hours. If the complete D2D2T doesn't finish in 24 hours, you could of course overlap it with the next day's D2D2T, but because that will cause simultanuous reads and writes to the B2D disks, it may create a performance hit that could make the whole process take even longer. 15K SAS or SCSI disks with top notch RAID controller could be the solution there.

I also think you'll not be able to keep reliable backups. You'll be always been chasing some problem and because the backup window will probably be very tight, the problems will carry over from one day to the other.

In the case where you have 4TB worth of daily backups to disk, I would go for a Continuous Replication solution instead. After an initial sync or copy of the 4TB data to the NAS disk, your production data is then replicated to the NAS as it changes. Daily you can then also do your backup to tape from the copy on the NAS. Microsoft DPM 2010 is probably the better CDP solution, but if you're tied to Backup Exec, you could try Backup Exec CPS. Not sure how reliable CPS is these days though.