Going to buy iPhone !

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Planning to buy a iphone ...ur suggessions please ...

I have seen phones which are unlocked ... which is available in india ... is this worthy

my alternatives are :

Buying unlocked iphone4 for 24000/-rs
Buying iphone4 from apple website for 38000/- rs
Buying iphone3 unlocked for 15000/-rs

This is the link that i am refering :


What is geveysim?  the store operator says it has been unlocked with geveysim

will this geveysim make a difference in unlocking ? what is the need of unlocking a phone?
iPhone are not built for working in India?

which is better to buy and worthy..iphone 3 or 4 ?
will the rates of iphone 4 comes down after few months? do i need to wait?
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I would suggest to wait for a little while. The Iphone 4 is ready to be replaced by the iphone 5 and even if you are not willing to buy an iphone 5, the price of an iphone 4 will dramatically drop.

for more details on the launch check


I agree with 'grotejoost'

On top of that: iPhone 3(GS) is more or less a waste of money. iOS 5 is expected in september and there is a good chance it will only support iPhone 4 models and later. Even if iPhone 3 would be supported by iOS 5, the processor will most likely not be able to run the newest features.
I would personally not recommend unlock with geveysim if you are willing to spend the money for unlock without it.  Geveysim does not work with every version of IOS so if you upgrade the firmware you may be in trouble.

I would recommend minimum iPhone4 as it is faster and has the Retina display.  Those 2 items alone make it far superior.  IOS4.3.3 is still jailbreakable untethered, however IOS5 is not known to be jailbreakable untethered yet.  And the iPhone5 has the new A5 processor and may not be jailbreakable at all in the near future.

That being said, if you're not interested in jailbreaking, waiting for the iPhone5 may be a suitable solution.  If you cannot wait, I suggest get iPhone4 directly from Apple.

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