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How can I get applications to see a change in system font size

I have a new laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

Out of the box the system font size was set at 125% and all my applications were installed. Some applications had windows with prompts etc either corrupted or off the screen.

I have changed the system font size to 100% which has fixed the problem in many applications but not all. It appears as if some applications have picked up the 125% setting at installation and are not seeing the change.

Is this possible and is there a way to force all applications to reread the system font size?

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I personally have never heard of an app caching the Font size at install time, but if this is just a few apps, might wanna look for an application's config folder under the following....

C:\Program Files\YourApp
C:\Program Files (x86) \YourApp

Or in the registry...


You could use Process Monitor to seeexactly whats beeing read when your app is launched.... Set the filter to include yourapp.exe, and then dig through it. Use the filters to hide any "Not Found" messages, as it will decrease whats in your view.....

Whats some of the apps? Maybe a repair of them is even feasible?
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Interesting... Learned something new.....  

Thanks for updating the thread....
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I found the answer externally to experts-exchange but wanted to share the answer