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SQL 2005: Integration services

hi all
very much new to integration services so just looking some info to get me moving..

we create a forecast which looks forward 53 weeks.

StockCode  29/08/2011      05/09/2011      12/09/2011
            A                0                      0                        0
            B              102                     94                      94

what i want to be able to do is take this excel document, process it and store it in an sql table

my thinking is Integration services is my tool..

so i created an oledb source to read excel 2007 documents and i am them faced with the process of mapping external columns to output columns, and then i realise - how do i map 29/08/2011 to an output column!?

so i look and see options in integration services such as data flow transformations..

assuming the first week will always start in the same column and always be 53 weeks long,
is there something here that will help me process what is an external column into a field value of an output column?


External data                                                                 output
StockCode    29/08/2011     12/09/2011                            StockCode        week                  Qty
     A                     50                    45                                         A                29/08/2011          50
                                                                                                 A                 12/09/2011          45  

any help/advice appreciated


Microsoft SQL Server 2005Microsoft SQL Server

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