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Visual FoxPro 6.0 error 111 Cannot updat cursor

A customer (12,000 miles away) fairly frequently but not regularly gets Error 111 (Cannot update the cursor)) from when running my large Visual Foxpro 6.0 application. The application is used by some
8000 customers without this problem. He has plenty of disk space. He has Zone Alarm for his firewall and has anti-virus software. Otherwise, his setup seems to be straight forward. He has checked all files and none has a Read Only status.
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is the windows 7 firewall on
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Where is the application using temporary folder?

is it C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp?
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" I don't know what is meant by the question "Where is the application using temporary folder?". It doesn't make sense.

I can say that the application does not use any folders except where the application is installed and the C:\ root folder. Of course, files generated by the application at user's request are written to the folder
he requests. Under Windows 7 and Vista and some version of XP, the application is always set to be run "as Administrator" to provide access to the C:\ root folder.
If your application uses cursors then the folder used for their temporary life is very important... What is your SYS(2023) function call result?

Important is also the command which causes this bug. Do you have some Error log from your application? What is the status of the environment when the error occurs? Could you post it?

Even when user checked all files for r/o status then it could not be sufficient. The bug is reported on a cursor which exists only when the app is running, it is almost always read-only and it does not necessarily create a file on a disk because it can reside in memory...

It could also be caused by antivirus software. You may try to catch the error wait for a second and RETRY the command. If it appears again then the error is "real" and then you have to record the command and environment for further (distance independent) investigation.

BTW, the C:\ root folder is not very safe place for applications and data. Also running as Admin should be avoided if possible.
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In Vista and Windows 7, you can't just use any folder for temporary files unless you grant the application Administrative rights.

Cursors usually exist in memory until they get large enough then they get written to disk.