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SSID's not resolving when using static IP addressing

Hello EE,

I've got issues with certain PCs on my network.  Here's the situation:

Parent Domain overseas to include PDC, Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Email, Internet, Proxy Server
Child Domain (local) has RODC with DNS, Internet

Because our MPLS overseas is utilizing a T1 only, I've statically configured a group of PCs to point to a local gateway to take some of the internet traffic off of the MPLS and point it to a local cable modem.

Overseas Gateway:
Local Gateway:

Normal clients receive DHCP over MPLS
Modified clients have statically assigned IP addressing information as follows:

IP:  10.1.17.X

DNS1: (local RODC)

I utilize Remote Admin to access all clients on the network.  Unfortunately, since I use Windows Security and assign user accounts to Remote Admin, Remote Admin looks to a domain controller to resolve the SSIDs.  Until those SSID's are resolved, I cannot log into a client remotely using my credentials.

For normal clients, I have no problems connecting as my SSID is resolved through normal channels over the MPLS.  After doing echo %logonserver% from one of these clients, the server name provided is located in the parent domain overseas.

For the statically assigned clients, I also receive the same information...parent domain overseas.

I don't understand why my statically assigned clients can't resolve the SSIDs by either looking locally at the RODC or overseas to the PDC.  The only difference I can see is that I've statically assigned the IP addresses and have pointed them to a different default gateway.

I have all traffic that goes to the alternate gateway check the routing table within the alternate gateway to qualify the traffic's destination prior to passing it on.

Any help would be appreciated!

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How do you have the DNS entries configured on the statically assigned clients?

Domain resolution is done through DNS, now, so they need the same DNS configuration as the DHCP clients are getting.
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Hi asavener,

Thanks for responding.  DNS1 for both DHCP and's assigned as which is the local RODC and DNS.  

The only difference is that with the statically assigned clients, I have added the default Gateway as the secondary DNS option (, whereas, from DHCP, there is no secondary DNS IP address listed.

Hope that helps :)
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