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Not enough storage is available to process this command.

Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix the error below? I have Googled this with different wording but cannot find a fix for it.

The "Not enough storage is available" is not very clear.

If its on the system that is imaging, we have formatted the HDD, did a diskpart, and chkdsk. It has failed twice during imaging with the same error.

Could that message pertain to the server not having enough storage space?

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit version: 5.1.1642.01      InstallSoftware      8/8/2011 5:31:31 PM      620 (0x026C)
The task sequencer log is located at C:\WINDOWS\system32\CCM\Logs\SMSTSLog\SMSTS.LOG.  For task sequence failures, please consult this log.      InstallSoftware      8/8/2011 5:31:31 PM      620 (0x026C)
Command line returned 2147942408      InstallSoftware      8/8/2011 5:31:31 PM      620 (0x026C)
Process completed with exit code 2147942408      TSManager      8/8/2011 5:31:31 PM      2004 (0x07D4)
!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!      TSManager      8/8/2011 5:31:31 PM      2004 (0x07D4)
Failed to run the action: Error in the task sequence.
Not enough storage is available to process this command. (Error: 80070008; Source: Windows)      TSManager      8/8/2011 5:31:31 PM      2004 (0x07D4)
Sending status message . . .      TSManager      8/8/2011 5:31:31 PM      2004 (0x07D4)
Send a task execution status message SMS_TSExecution_ActionFailError      TSManager      8/8/2011 5:31:31 PM      2004 (0x07D4)
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The host is not stable. Try connecting to it using RDP and you will get the same response.

You may reboot the host and then try immediately. When you are able to login then keep an eye on the memory/threads usage of the programs. Some programs are written very badly and will use up all ram and CPU in minutes.

Also see 

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Can you check the size of the image you are trying to push and do you multicast your deploys from your console or do you push the image first and unpack it locally? I have a feeling you are dealing with a FAT16/FAT32 file limitation before the NTFS convert. Keep in mind DOS without some sort of WINPE OS will only read and handle a 2 gig file.

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The WIM file gets downloaded to the system first and then unpacks. We use a bootable media to run WinPE . We have used this job hundreds of times across 10+ Primary and Secondary servers and this is the first time I have seen this error.
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Why not try to install directly from the Share rather then downloading first.
What is the size of the Drive you are installing this on and what is the size of the WIM?
After looking into the logs, we found the package causing this issue.
Is it possible to post the log or the relevant section of the log please?

Sorry we no longer have those logs.