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HYPER-V Machine

I think i know the answer but just to be we go...

I am running Server 2008 enterprize box as a HYPER-V Host Machine....

I have a C Drive mirrored
I have a D Drive Raid 5

All the Virtual PC files (.VHD) reside on the D: Drive...

I want to make the D Drive bigger in size so i purchased Bigger Drives then what is currently in the in order to make D bigger I planned on doing the following steps...

1) shutdown all virtual PC`s.
2) Transfer .VHD Files from current D Drive to storage location..
3) wipe out D Drive and Raid configuration.
4 Replace with New Bigger Drives and make Raid 5 Volume.
5)create same folder structure and then put .VHD files back in same location...
6) turn on hyper-v and fire up virtual pc`s...


1)WIll this work without any issues meaning i should be able to do the above steps and the virtual machines should just work again as this correct????

2)DOes anyone see any issues doing it this way or problems i might occur?

3)Is there a better way of doing THis?

Please explain.....

any help is appreciated
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These are the exact steps I would do and have done before.
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thanks a whole lot!!