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MS SQL Statement to make amount field all Zero's when the field is null

I have this statement to pad amounts with zero's and change the dollar amount from negative to positive.

When a check is voided, it is a null amount for the dist_amt.  How do we populate just zero's when the amount is null included in this statement?  Also, if there is a better way to write this entire statement, please advise as well.  Thanks in advance.

RIGHT ('000000000000' + CONVERT (varchar, REPLACE(CONVERT (varchar, dbo.APDISFIL_SQL.dist_amt), '.', '') * - 1), 12)
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there is an issue with code above...
I am assuming dbo.APDISFIL_SQL.dist_amt is float or some other numeric format
then why you are converting it to char and multiply by -1?

maybe you want this

RIGHT ('000000000000' + REPLACE(CONVERT (varchar, abs(isnull(dbo.APDISFIL_SQL.dist_amt,0))), '.', ''), 12)

first, set to 0 if it is null, then get abs value(remove negative), then convert it to varchar, replace ., pad with 0 to make it 12 char...

maybe my post is not correct, what is your data type for dbo.APDISFIL_SQL.dist_amt
give some samples, positive, negative, null etc...
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worked great. thanks
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more like

RIGHT ('000000000000' + REPLACE(CONVERT(varchar(13), coalesce(-(dbo.APDISFIL_SQL.dist_amt),0)), '.', ''), 12)

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