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Another calculated column formula.


I need a formula that depending on the value of the date fields displays some text. The dates happen in sequence. Here is how it should look like:

- IF [Product Accepted] => "Product Accepted"
- IF [Product Received] => "Product Received"

/* this is the fun part/
- IF [Product Expected]
-- ([Product Expected]-Today) < 7 => "Product Expected"
-- ([Product Expected]-Today) between 7 and 3  => "Due Soon"
-- ([Product Expected]-Today) between 3 and 0 => "Due Now"
-- ([Product Expected]-Today) > 0 => "Past Due"

- IF [Product Ordered] => "Product Ordered"

- ELSE => "Not ordered" (when all dates are empty)

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=IF(Not(ISBlank([Product Accepted])), "Product Accepted",
 IF(Not(ISBlank([Product Received])), "Product Received",
 IF(Not(ISBlank([Product Ordered])), "Product Ordered",
 IF(Not(ISBlank([Product Expected])),
   IF(AND(([Product Expected]-Today) >3,([Product Expected]-Today) <7)),"Due Soon",
   IF(AND(([Product Expected]-Today) >0,([Product Expected]-Today) <3)),"Due Now",
   IF(([Product Expected]-Today) < 7,"Product Expected",
   IF(([Product Expected]-Today) <0,"Past Due","NA"))))),"Not ordered"))))

I hope i did not miss any brackets!

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Unfortunately something is missing. I got this error:

The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported.
Try this...
=IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Product Accepted])), "Product Accepted",
IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Product Received])), "Product Received",
 IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Product Ordered])), "Product Ordered",
IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Product Expected])),(
IF(AND(([Product Expected]-Today) >3,([Product Expected]-Today) <7),"Due Soon",
IF(AND(([Product Expected]-Today) >0,([Product Expected]-Today) <3),"Due Now",
IF(([Product Expected]-Today) < 7,"Product Expected",
IF(([Product Expected]-Today) <0,"Past Due","NA")
       ),"Not Ordered"))
     ) )

Debugging such a long formula is always a pain.
It works now but shows Product Ordered for any Product Expected situation. I think this is becasue the date for Product Ordered is always present when the Product is Expected so it should be AFTER the Product Expected formula. Makes sense?
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Almost there... :)

It was showing NA for values over 7 but I guess it was becasue of <7. I Changed it to >7 and it works. But there is another problem. When the day count is exactly 7, 3 or 0 it shows NA...

That should be easy, set > to >= and < to <= where necessary.

Or change the values to 8, 2(or 4), and -1 (or 1) for 7,3 or 0 depending on whether its greater than or less than