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Looking for Bandwidth monitoring software

Our company is looking to get some bandwidth monitoring software to keep track of what our usage is.  A lot of our divisional buildings connect back to our corporate office through T-1.  They all have some sort of Cisco router (older 1601's in most).  I was wondering what some other people were using.  I've looked into a few options but most of them need to have the router send info off to the server or client doing the monitoring and most of ours aren't supported.  While we certainly don't mind paying for it, our boss also doesn't want to spend a ton of cash on it either.  Any ideas or tips would be great.
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Ken Boone
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Something quick and easy would be Cacti.  There is a linux distro called CactiEZ.  You can be up and running within 30 minutes.  It will ping for availability and poll the routers with snmp.   Its free and easy.

If you want to pay then you can go with something like PRTG, WhatsUpGold or Solarwinds.

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What we are mainly looking for is bandwidth usage
Everything I mentioned will do it.  It polls the interfaces and charts the utilization of the bandwidth for the devices.
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