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add sites to local interanet zone using GPO

I need to add some sites to the local interanet zone using the GPO. I am using windows 2003 std sp2 32 bit and IE8. I created the policy and under Computer config->admin templates->windows components->IE->IE control panel-security page->site to zone assignment List. I can see from the gpresult output the policy  is applied but the IE setting not reflected. I did gpupdate /force and restarted PCs still no effect. It almost one day passed but still no effect.
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Are using correct admx file?
Check this also
You could use the following settings:
User Config - Admin Templates - Windows Components - Internet Control Panel - Security Page
Policy: Site to Zone Assignment List
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I tried the same still the same issue.
Make sure, computer objects are in same OU, where you applied this GPO.
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Where can I get the correct admx file for IE8
Check at following path
complete path
C:\WINDOWS\ie8 \inetres.adm
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can I load this file to the GPO editor with out coping  to the C:\WINDOWS\inf folder. Because C:\WINDOWS\inf folder has already one inetres.adm file.
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I am using win 2003 as Domain controller. I could not find GPP in win 2003. Could you guide me to set GPP in win 2003
Yes, I can. Install RSAT on Vista or Win7 (whatever you prefer) and use RSAT to connect to your 2003 DC using RSATs feature GPMC. Now you can setup GPPs.
To receive (not to setup) GPPs on windows xp or vista, install Microsoft kb943729. Win7 has this extension already loaded.