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Upgrading GP 9 to SP4

I have upgraded multiple users to SP4 win no issues. However, one user is giving me problems. I When I attempt to launch GP and try to log onto a company, I receive the following message: "The database setup has not been completed for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Use the GP Utilities to complete the database setup before starting Microsoft Dynamics GP." going into GP Utilities has no impact on the message. But if i launch GP by 'running as an administrator' I am able to log onto the company without any issues.

Security on the GP directory has full control for 'Everyone'

I tried re-installing GP through SP4, copying the GP directory from another machine that does not have any problems, all without any change in the message.
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Is the Windows user member of "Power Users" or "Administrators" of that PC?
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The user is an Administrator on the network, and also the machine.
Can you try disabling the Windows UAC (User Access Control) in the Control Panel?
When Ire-installed GP, i has UAC off.
Confirm that you're doing all this on the server? What's the operating system?
The server is fine. This is being done on a Vista workstation.

Curiously, out of 18 workstations, this and another are the only two with problems. That other user also has administrative privileges.
This may not be a 'by the book' solution... but that's just me.
In windows explorer, add the 'everyone' account to the Dynamics GP folder and give that account full permissions.
Already tries that, no joy.
Is it 32-Bit Windows Vista?
All subfolders in your GP Folder allow the Read/Write to Administrators? I think you -by mistake - used "Administrator" instead of "AdministratorS" in GP Folder or Subfolder (expecially Data folder) Access settings.
Yes 32-bit Vista.

Good call, added domain admins to security with full access.

No difference. Re-installed SP4 with new security settings, still no difference
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Logged on as different user, and everything is good. Will delete user that doesn't work, and re-create.

Thanks kinsey!