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PHP Data Import, Step through Pages

I am still new to PHP coding but I have a customer who has a php import system that process a CSV file.  They are orders from their website.  People need to look at the batch of orders from the CSV file and correct any weird issues.  

Currently, each record fills a form.  If there are 10 records, it prints 10 forms on the same page and is created using Do-While to create the forms until there are no more rows.  Once the form data looks good, they hit a submit button and the data is inserted into a MySQL DB.

I have created most of this system, and now they want to change it.

They want each order to create its own form on a single page, to be inserted one at a time, then a PDF made of each individual order data and printed then return to do it all again for each order in that CSV.

I am lost in how to start this.  Any pointers to tutorials on a similar thing or just a general direction.... I don't even know the right words to use to do a google search.  Thanks for any help you can provide!

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