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Addition on a new Floor - Need Implementation

we are adding new employees on a new flooor. We are on the 5Th FL, new FL will be the 16 FL. We will have about 5 users now. then later wi will have about 20 Users on the 16 FL. Everything is located on the 5Th FL such as DC, Email, File Server, VoIP server, workstations,  all filters, MPLS to connect to Chicago Office (VErizon), T1 (verizon) for my users to get ont he internet. ASA 5520 (RA-VPN) firewall.
IP subnet
1-    5 Floor
2-    Chicago
3-    IPhone DHCP
4.-   DMZ (web server)
5.-  Transit to MPLS
My question is:
what is the best implementation if i want my users to reach out the same as 5 Floor?
and what equipment should i need to buy on whatever is recommended?
Thanks a lot,
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The easiest thing would be to buy a 24 port managed switch and uplink that to the 5th floor. I'm not sure about your physical layout though.
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when you say uplink? what exactly you mean? Thanks.
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Thanks. MPLS will get and get a switch for the new floor.