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Login / Members area PHP / MySQL Script needed

Hi all,

I need a login / members area script where a user can register and have it's own member page.

For example: Not a page / area where all members access the same, but an area where each member has a unique area...

For example:

A user registers under 'user1'

After the user registers he can get a unique url like:

something like that anyway...

Can anyone help please?


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I'm working on several scripts like that.
One is a recipe script and may latest to be out soon is called Chirp and is a twitter clone

What do you want the script to do other than point to a username?
oh, you should be able to register on both to see the functionality.  Chirp is still very much in development.
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Well, basically I need the basic login / registration and when user is logged in ..each user will have it's own unique page...that's all really.
If you are just doing this more of a DIY / Learning exercise then I would look here for starters. This is a solid starting point to learn the basis:

You will still need to build the code in for the "Users" view.

If you want a CMS that will integrate with an existing design / website then I would take at Expression Engine. It has a powerful back end, already build membership portal, and user pages, the template engine is quick if you have a site to already to "drop in".

If you wish to go even lighter, and want a paid solution, Amember is viable option as well.
eeewww EE but rlanham is right.

If all else fails; I will gladly code exactly what you want but I can't do it for free.
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I'll check it out and get back...thanks :)
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Sandeep Kothari
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