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Automating an Autombile Repair Shop

I am creating an application for an automobile mechanic friend of mine to manage
his shop. Among other assistance that I am sure I will need, there are two
things that I know right off the bat that I need help with:

1. Is there a database that I can have access to that will give me all the
makes, models and years of vehicles that are on the road so the office manager
can simply click and add a vehicle to the customer's profile?

2. Is there a database that I can have access to that will give me parts for
these makes, models and years, along with the current price?

I am guessing that these services are available for a fee, but I figured that
this was the best place to start.

Oh, I do have a third question: Does anyone know of a template specifically for
an automobile shop? I am using Access 2007 and did not see any templates that
were close on the MS website

Thank you in advance,

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I was doing a little googling and came across this site where they made their own sql database that I think you could use, check it out -
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Jeffrey Coachman
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Thanks for the help guys.

Madhatter, I went to the link you gave and was unable to find the download file.

Jeff, I was able to download the file into an Excel Spreadsheet and I will import the necessary columns over the Access, and thanks for the etiquette lesson :-).