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Win2k8 keeps hanging on "Please wait for the user profile service"

Hi Everyone,

Our server 2008 box keeps hanging on "Please wait for the user profile service" when logging on or off, even locally.  Occasionally while signing on and off via TS you get the message that the terminal server is busy processing another request as well.

Done some google searching, can't find anything out of the ordinary.  The user profile service issue can occur even when no one is logged in via TS so although they may have a common cause, they can orruc independent of one another.  

Nothing really changed on the box recently.  This did occur a long time ago and seemed to resolve itself, but now it's back and happening almost daily.   it's used very infrequently and is not a Domain Server, it's actually not even presently joined to a domain.  

There is only ONE nic on this server (I mention that because a lot of other google results yielded two nics and an improper binding order as a cause).

Any input would be appreciated.
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