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Test fiber optic cable between 2 media converters

I have a remote office that was having connection problems between rooms. I discovered that
it was better than 400 feet between 2 ethernet switches. A guy that does audio video cable said he could take care of it and run fiber optic with media converters in between my 2 switches.
We purchased 2 Allied Telesyn AT-MC101XL media converters and he installed them with fiber optic.
The connection does not appear to be correct.
Can I check the function of the fiber optic and the media converters by simply using two small patch cables and my RJ 45 cable tester.
Any help and a fast response would be greatly appreciated. If I am correct then , I could save myself about 4 hours of driving to correct this problem in the morning.
Thanks in advance
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Dave Baldwin
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What do you mean by "The connection does not appear to be correct."?  This PDF says there is self-test built-in.
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All the information I could get from the guy was that the workstations would not connect.
As I indicated it is a remote office. I am not sure about the lights and the self test are indicating.

At this point I don't trust a thing the guy is telling me. He didn't even look at the manual.
I would have to drive all the way down there and actually check the units myself. So yes I can
do that but I don't want too.

I want to actually know from someone that has dealt with fiber optic and media converters this will
work. (In theory I see no reason why it would not work the fiber optic and media converters are simply acting as an extension of the ethernet cable )

I can probably get someone on staff down there to check it this way. ( with a standard RJ45 cable tester.) I think there is one onsite, would save me a whole lot of driving and I would tell the guy he does not get paid until my tester says it is working.
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Dave Baldwin
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I think it will work as I indicated but the article is not that clear. I will go ahead and accept it as the solution
The article was not totally clear that this method would work.
Thanks for the points but you could have left the question open for another day if you wanted.  We're not in that much of a hurry here.