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Can I have a laptop\desktop boot straight to a XenDesktop VM?

hey all. I have my golden image created and published to PVS and have my DDC configured and have rolled out 100 VM, which all show as registered. I can launch IE and type in the IP of my desktop delivery server and can log into a VM with no problem. Oh also the PVS server is set with PXE and DHCP options 66\67 are configured.

Problem is, I really want the laptops to boot straight to PXE (which they support) and connect to a VM. when the laptop boots, it gets an IP, loads the whatever its called.bin then says there is no machines in the database configured - or something like that.

I called Citrix support and they said only thin clients can pxe boot and load a VM, and laptops\desktops CANNOT. Is this true? If so, then any recommendations on how i can configure something like a single signon where the user loads windows and logs on, and then have a url set it the start folder so it automatically launches the Citrix Xendesktop URL and uses the local credentials to log into Citrix? (so the users dont have to log in twice).
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Umm I'm not sure why they told you that, because it is possible.

In terms of PXE booting, the XenDesktop servers don't really care what the end point client is, just that they can communicate with it.

You'd need to use Provisioning Services.

Some info below:

There is a bit at the end by a Citrix rep telling how to configure for multiple types of PC - Dell in that particular case - and where to find the details in the admin guide.
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ok cool, so I have my laptop set to pxe boot and the dhcp options set. I have 5 windows7 machines in my device collection (ctxw7-001 to 005)

when I boot my test laptop, it PXE boots, gets a IP, reads the arp file, and then says "No entry found in database for the device"

attached it a screenshot of the PVS server collection
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that was the issue!! But unfortunatly, I have 100 machines, so thats manually entering 100 mac's  lol
Yeah it's a pig.

Not sure from memory if there's any import mechanism.

Thanks for the points and good luck.

PS - you may want to get a refund from Citrix for that info about not being able to PXE boot a non-thin client device.