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Installing Terminal Server on W2K3 R2

I have ACT Premium 2011 installed on a Windows 2003 R2 Server. If I install Terminal Server, does this mean that ANY application will be destroyed and have to be reloaded or is only the applications that would be intended to use over RDP connection?

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Thanks David
I think you'll find that the answer given is not correct. Here is why, when you install an application normally (admin mode), registry keys writes information under HKCU (HKEY CURRENT USER), however on a Terminal Server when an application is installed in install mode, registry information is written to HKLM (HKEY LOCAL MACHINE).

Therefore though you can promote the server to a Terminal Server host and all will appear okay, you may soon notice that users will complain that the application does not work correctly or will not be stable.

You are advised when installing a Terminal server to install applications correctly:

If you installed a program before you added the Terminal Services role, the system was not "listening" to the registry writes of the installation and the registry entries were not written to the correct user registry keys. Therefore, you must reinstall the program in Install mode for the program work properly.

See the following MS link which details this:

Note it applies to Server 2000, though the concepts apply to Server 2003.
The application would not be used over TS.  If that is the case, does it matter if the registry is not updated for the TS installation?
If you don't mind me asking why would you install the Terminal Services role? You are able to Remote Desktop into the server without installing that role.

Well if the registry is not updated, the program will appear to look fine and operate as expected for the user who installed it.
Because I want to use TS for a different application. Sorry I worded the question wrong.