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Updating an Access table using VBA

The following code calculates a median value (dblMedian) for the field SBstateGoalPctCurrent.  This process works correctly, but I'm unable to update this value to another table named tblMedWtdAvgPctGoalMetByStateRpt in a field named SBgeoPctGoalMetMed.  I get run-time error 3061: Too few parameters.  Expected 1.

I'm not using any parameters so this error makes no sense to me.  If I eliminate the CurrentDb.Execute strSQL then no error occurs, but even though the code runs no updating occurs.  Please advise what changes I need to make in my updating process.

Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
Dim strSQL As String
Dim dblMedian As Double
strSQL = "SELECT tblMedWtdAvgPctGoalMetByState.SBstateGoalPctCurrent FROM tblMedWtdAvgPctGoalMetByState;"
    Set db = CurrentDb
    Set rst = db.OpenRecordset(strSQL)
    If rst.RecordCount Then
        rst.Move (-1 * Fix(rst.RecordCount / 2))
        dblMedian = rst.Fields(0).Value
        If rst.RecordCount Mod 2 = 0 Then
            dblMedian = ((dblMedian + rst.Fields(0).Value) / 2)
        End If
     End If
strSQL = "UPDATE tblMedWtdAvgPctGoalMetByStateRpt SET tblMedWtdAvgPctGoalMetByStateRpt.SBgeoPctGoalMetMed = dblMedian;"
CurrentDb.Execute strSQL
MsgBox "Finished"
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BTW, are you sure you want update EVERY record in tblMedWtdAvgPctGoalMetByStateRpt with same value?
You have to specify where clause in Update. Otherwise the access wo'nt know which record to update
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hello there

you may not be using a parameter but some functions need an argument or 2 to work

dbs.OpenRecordset("strSql", dbOpenDynaset)

that would be my initial starting point to resolve this issue



this URL gives you a clear explanation
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What is the value of dblMedian just before the Execute?

Also, are you missing a WHERE clause in the UPDATE statement ?

I don't  think there is anything wrong with the syntax, since dblMedian is Numeric.  And the Semi-Colon is optional.

Is there maybe a typo in tblMedWtdAvgPctGoalMetByStateRpt or SBgeoPctGoalMetMed  ?
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Thank you Rimvis for the quick response!  I never would have thought to add the ampersands before and after dblMedian.
Well ... the 'syntax' is most likely missing a WHERE clause, unless the intent is to update EVERY record ... but maybe there is only one record ?