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IO error connection reset in oracle

Hello I am facing a problem while connecting to Oracle server from my machine where oracle 10g client is been installed.
When I checked in services I don't see the listner present under services.
When I check in net manager I see that Listner is been added.

Can any one please suggest me what am i missing?

I uninstall ed my client and did a basic installation on my machine.
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- you would not see any oracle services on client machine. which client version are you installing? did you go thru the installation documentation?
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10 g r 2 is the client version and DB version is also the same
Even installing the client on machine I dont see the network/admin folder where I can add my TNS so i was using SQl developer to do a direct connection
- please clarify do u installing the client from a cd or download from oracle? and do you download the instant client or full client?
It is a downloaded one which is shared by the admins.
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- if its a full client install, kindly refer to the following installing oracle client documentation:
thanks for all your inputs I will check and revert back.
If you connect from client machine to server machine there is no listener on the client machine.
The Listener works only on the Oracle server machine.
On it issue:

lsntctl status
lsnrctl services

from Command Line interface as 'oracle' user to see listeners and other details.