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ESXi running Netware 5.1 hits 100% CPU before more cycles added

Hi, I am trying to run a Netware 5.1 SP8 server on an ESXi3.5 system. VMWare tools is installed. When you start to put load onto the Client, its utilisation starts to rise (ofcourse), but it gets to 100% for upto 30 seconds before ESXi assigns it more cycles from the processor, therefore the applications that are trying to access data from the Client OS hang and may disconnect due to timeouts.

There is only that one Client running on the system. It has a single dual core processor.

Is there a way of either fixing the CPU cycles assigned to this client or of forcing the reallocation at an earlier stage?
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In Vcenter you can set a CPU and memory reservation for the VM equal to the memory
assigned to the VM, and the speed of a physical host core. (Settings - Resources)
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We don,t have VCenter, only VSphere Client, VCenter looks very expensive
are you on a recent build of 3.5?  in the VMware Infrastructure Client, you should see the version and 6 digit build number right above the summary tab.

what is the processor in the ESX host, too?
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Hi danm66

VMWare ESX Server 3i
Version 3.5.0
Build 123629

Processor is AMD Opteron Dual Core 2200 Socket F

Also with the Vsphere client you should be able to set reservations:

- Open the vSphere client and point to the host for the Virtual systems.
- Right click on the VM you want to modify and click Edit Virtual Machine Settings.
- Click the Resources tab.
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We have set reservations,

CPU Shares = High
CPU Reservation=2500
CPU Limit= 4340
Memory Shares = Normal
Reservation = 0
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Well sort of took your advise, but went for ESXi4,1 instead, everything seems to be running fine now, thanks alot for your help