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Time sync collecting wrong time?

Our DC is currently setup to sync it's time with the Stratum 1 server at IP Running "w32tm /resync" seems to work and doesn't report any errors. However when I check the time on the DC against the talking clock or THIS website, the time on the DC is consistently 3 minutes and 13 seconds behind. I've tried syncing against different time servers and I get the same results. I've also tried syncing my workstation directly with an internet time server and that is also consistently 3m 13s behind. Can anyone explain what's going on and how to fix this?

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Are you sure the sync is completing sucessfully?  Try changing your system time manually then re-sync, does it put it back to 3m,13s out?
Could your ISP be intercepting your NTP traffic and responding from their own servers?

Also, how many systems is your DC acting as time-server for?  
Generally stratum 1 servers are used only by stratum 2 time servers which themselves have many thousands of clients.
I think the only thing to conclude here is that your NTP servers are consistently handing out the correct time, but they're both different from that web site you use.

Our workstations receive NTP time via satellite and they are also a few minutes off compared to that site. That makes "" look pretty unreliable to me.

You could also verify using NTP server "". If that succeeds and you're still 3 minutes off, I would trust these NTP servers above
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The DC is a virtual machine. I did a bit more research in that direction and discovered that there are issues with running a time server as a Hyper-V client. Once I'd removed the time sync integration service from the client settings the DC synced from the Stratum server and everything else fell into place from there. Thanks dariusq, points go to you.