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Cannot connect - Windows Server 2008

I cannot connect to any instance of SQL Server on the Windows Server 2008 I installed on (in this case I'm logged in to the Server and SQL is on the computer I'm logged into).  I took over a job and the following is what I saw - See the graphic below for further info.

1) No one knows the facts for this customer - but when I logged into their server I could load SQL Tools for 2008 but when the screen came up to "Connect to Server"I couldn't connect to any instance (Server Name) - trying local.

2) Thought - no problem I reinstall SQL Server 2008 Express.  After reinstalling I still can't log in to any instance (Server Name) - trying
Server Type --> Database Engine
Server Name --> Tried all 3 -->  (local) / EXP2008 / SQLEXPRESS
Authentication: --> Windows Authentication

What do I need to do?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Have you check the TCP/IP setting for the network service at "SQL server configuration manager"? You may have issue on networking. Check which protocol is enabled and what port is used for which instance. since you have 2 instances installed, you should check if the SQL server browser service is started.
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The way I solved the problem
Start/Administrative Tools / Services / SQL Server (My instance)
Right Click Properties
Log On tab
Check Allow service to interact with desktop
OK. I haven't come across that before. thanks for sharing ^v^