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Help with converting batch file to VB 6.0

Hi Guys

Can someone please convert a batch file that we use into a VB 6 application?

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Neil Russell
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Would help if we knew what was in the batch file!
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Sorry i thought i did attach it :(

please see below
Does it need to be VB6? What is the reasoning for the conversion?
Hello, they just want a GUI interface with buttons to press and textboxes to enter details.
Are you looking for someone to just do the conversion for you or are you having trouble with a particular aspect?  That is a lot to do and put all error handling in that might be needed.  You'd probably get better help if you work on it and identify specific areas you need assistance.
Hello i am looking for someone to make it for me.. i would pay for this.
Mark, If you're interested in basic functionality, I have an idea to provide a reasonably flexible and expandable solution.  You can contact me through my personal website found on my profile.
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I would recommend that you look at an HTA application.  It provides your users with a GUI and the VBScript code is straight forward.
Mark_Mckie, do you want to tackle specific aspects?  I'd guess once you got one or two of the specific tasks built, the others will be relatively easy to complete.  And I'm sure there will be people here to jump in and help when you run into specific problems.  

Have you rejected my HTA suggestion?

I have no idea how to implement that sort of thing, I'm noob, I'm really looking for someone to complete the whole thing for me.

If you can then i will use the hire button.

If you are a complete n00b, how will you evaluate and test the solution?

Do you have a VB6 development environment?
You are allowed to contact people for work, but it has to be outside e-e.  You can contact as many people as you want, it just can't be discussed in these forums.  Were all trying to follow those rules, but you'll easily find many people here willing to help.  So you just have to decide if you want to contact anyone directly, like any business decision.
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Hi sorry, yes i have a VB6 development environment, what do i use to compile and test this code?

There is no compilation.  Save the file with a .HTA extension.  You can then open the file with a double-click.

This is the start of the conversion process from DOS batch file to VBScript code (first three functions in the list).
WOW that is awesome, i am very interested in this.