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Format cell

Hi, sos, need format cell.
If I click the first cell, the value is "1" rather than "MC0001".
Also, I want to remove the space in the cell, "MC 1517"==>"MC1517".

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Matt Coughlin
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Just change the format from custom to General for that column.
Then type "MC0001" in the first cell and fill it down.

To remove a space you would use the following formula:

=SUBSTITUTE(C1," ","")
format your column as custom format "MC"00000

Do a search replace (Ctrl+H) on your column to search for MC and replace with nothing

Well looking at the sheet your using a custom Cell format which add's in MC but doesn't actually add it to the cell.

Currently its "MC "0000 it need's swapping to "MC"0000

But that still won't actually put the MC into the cell as its a format option.

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how to fill in? There is some jump from MC0060 then go to MC 0101.
If you want your values to be converted to text, use the formula
="MC" & text(A2,"0000")
Can somebody give me a clean sheet, I will study your suggestion later on.
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