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Replacing old 2003 domain controllers with 2008 domain controllers on new hardware

Currently have two physical 2003 domain controllers for my domain.  I've already put one new 2008 DC on the network by building up a virtual 2008 server and making it a domain controller.  I would like to now replace these two old boxes with new 2008 Server domain controllers.  Is there a documented process for this?  One is a DHCP server and both are DNS servers.

1.) Should I transfer all FSMO roles from the current 2003 server to the 2008 virtual DC already up and running before beginning?
2.) Should I make the current 2008 virtual server a DNS and DHCP server before beginning?
3.) Can I use the same IP addresses for the new 2008 DC's as the old ones to minimize the work that would need to be done in terms of pointing to DNS servers, etc...?
4.) Can I keep the same server names or would it be better to use new ones?
5.) Will Group Policies and Default Domain Policies be transferred over somehow?

Again, if there is a documented process for this, I'd appreciate it!  
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Here is a full guide.

If you want to use the same names then I would transfer all of  the fsmo roles, DHCP, DNS, etc to existing 2008 DC. If you really don't need them to be the same name leave the Windows 2003 Servers up and running then once you have new server functioning then you can move roles over and demote the old 2003 servers.