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Wireless clients disconnected every 15 minutes

all wireless users are getting disconnected on our wireless Access points (aironets)every 10 to 15mins and need to log-in or need to disconnect and connect again to able to use the wireless again this issue is on all our wireless access point. We already tried to swap the AP’s but it has the same issue.

We have other subbets with dhcp but only the wireless subnet is experiencing this.

Any suggestions?

Thanks and regards
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110 clients and I just noticed that 99% of the scope is been used. I lowered the lease time since this subnet is for wireless clients. Is there a way to renew the lease of all IP in the scope?

Or is restarting the DHCP server service good enough?

> Is there a way to renew the lease of all IP in the scope?

Well, you can wait until half the lease time is up and the clients should then try to renew it themselves.
From the server side you cannot force them to renew without disconnecting them all from the AP and waiting a few minutes for their connections to all time out.  Some of them might not drop and renew their lease even after all that.

> Or is restarting the DHCP server service good enough?

I guess I'm not sure what you mean...  "good enough" for what?
By good enough I mean: renew all the IP's in the scope. I ended up expanding the dhcp range and this took care of the problem.

So what WAS the length of the lease?  

By the fix noted, then the lease time was 15-minutes... with that setting the client should start trying to renew after 7.5 minutes, then start looking for more DHCP servers after about 13 minutes, and finally releasing the current IP after the 15 minute lease time is up...

resulting in a 'disconnection' from the network until the DHCP server has a free address in its scope to hand out. i.e. the symptom originally reported.

A short lease time recovers IP addresses faster, but produces more BOOTP broadcast traffic, too... so as you're discovering, network design and management often requires compromises to balance needs and performance, and those balances may need to be re-examined on a regular schedule unless nothing ever changes (a rarity, in my opinion). Continuous improvement, six sigma, or whatever you want to call it.
it was originally at 6 hours. I changed it to about 4 hours since the subnet was is dedicated to wireless clients that include smartphones, tablets, etc.