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How can I access an exchange (2003) mailbox from a user who's been deleted and restored?

I deleted a user on the SBS 2003 server before transferring all the users exchanged emails to a different user. I've since then restored the user using Microsoft's Sysinternals and I'm now able to log back in as this user. My problem is when I try to open up outlook I get the following error:

Unable to open your default e-mail folders. The Microsoft Exchange Server computer is not available. Either there are network problems or the Microsoft Exchange Server computer is down to maintenance.

The exchange server is working fine and there are no network problems. When I look into the exchange mailboxes I still see the mailbox I'm trying to get access to but I'm not able to run any tasks with the mailbox.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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If you find the mail in Exchange Manager and right click on it, one of the options should be "reconnect". This will let you specify an AD account to associate with the mailbox.

Worst case use the Exchange migration tool to dump the mailbox to a PST. Then delete the mailbox from the server and create a new one for the user. Then just connect the PST on the client and copy the contents over.
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'reconnect' is not an option. It's grayed out.

Could you give me more information on the 2nd option you mentioned?
I was mistaken. I attempt to reconnect but it won't find the user to reconnect to.
I think I might be able to figure this out now.
Ok, so far I believe I've reconnected the mailbox. Unfortunately I'm still not able to access the email through outlook when logged in as this user.
I'm still having problems with this. I'm able to reconnect the mailbox but it doesn't seem to stay connected. When it is connected, I'm still not able to get access to the email. I still get the same error as posted in the question. Any more advice would be greatly appreciated!
When I attempt to migrate the mailbox to a .pst file, I'm unable to find this user's mailbox in the list.
Please advise. Thanks!
Hmm... I guess if there is no user account association with the mailbox, then the migration tool won't show it. That is assuming that all your other mailbox are showing up in the tool?

After you connect the mailbox, do you get the Exchange options for that account in Active Directory Users and Computers? That will at least tell us that it connected.

As for why it stops working again, are there any messages or errors in the server event log?
Sorry about the delay in response. I was sent out of town.

When I go into Exchange System Manager and open  up Mailbox Recovery Center. The mailbox is displayed. I'm able to successfully 'Find Match' but I do not get an option to reconnect.

If I attempt to run the migration, this mailbox does not display with the list of all the other users/mailboxes.

Please advise at what I'm suppose to do. I haven't ran into this problem before and I'm not very experienced with this.
When attempting to reconnect the mailbox, I don't see this user in the list of possible choices.
Sorry this isn't working so well. You might want to use the request attention button to bring this up to our more senior experts as I probably won't be able to get you an answer right away as I'll have to research/test this myself further.
I understand where you're coming from. I really do appreciate your help!
I requested attention as your suggestion. Thanks again!
Is the user you are looking to re associate the mailbox with still have an account in AD?
They have an account under System Management -> Users. Their account exists under AD -> Mybusiness -> SBS Users.

I hope this answers your question.
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please try the following;
create a new user without mailbox then connect the desired mailbox to this user.
logon with this user on a client or use OWA (Outlook Web Access) on the server and see if you are able to see Mailbox Items.

How would I go about creating a new user without a mailbox? I've never attempted to do that before. I never saw that as an option when creating a new user.
open active directory users and computers browse to the OU where you want to create a new user then right click and choose new user follow the wizard.
I successfully created the user without a mailbox.

When I attempt to reconnect the mailbox to this new user, I get the following error message:

"The operation cannot be performed because this mailbox was already reconnected to an existing user.
ID no c1034ad6
Exchange System Manager"

Please advise on what I should do from here and thanks for your help!
OK, how do you connect to the sbs? Are you using outlook or OWA?
Do you have a valid Backup?
I'm connecting to the SBS through remote desktop. I can get on the local machine if needed.
We are using Outlook 2003.

Yes we have a valid backup.
ok, please open internet explorer on SBS and connenct to https;//localhost/exchange most likely you will get a certificate error which is ok (continue).
logon with the user where you previously have connected the mailbox (the restored user).
See if you are able to access email items.
If I attempt to log in with the restore user, it displays 'Page cannot be found'.
If I attempt to log in using my own credentials, I get my personal email without a problem.
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Thank you very much!!!

I deleted the user and reconnected the mailbox to the new user.  I logged into TS. I couldn't login into OWA but when I opened up outlook and I got all the mail that was missing.
My prior problem was when I created the new user, I did it through System Management which created it's own mailbox. This prevented me from connecting the new user to the mailbox I was attempting to recover. This learning process was great! All this process to recover 1 email that my boss sent, go figure!
Thanks again!
Thanks again!
You are welcome