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Paging Repeater binded using a tableadapter from a strongly typed dataset

What I would like to know is, is it possible to page an ASP:Repeater that is generated using a table adapter derived form a typed Dataset? The code I have errors asking for the data to be delivered as either a dataset or datalist etc in other words a member of iCollection, not a datatable.

If so, can someone show me the code or how to do it as I would rather not ditch a weeks worth of work building my dataset.

Many Thanks
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There are possibilities (though I haven't ever used them personally).

Creating a Pager Control for ASP.NET
You can bind a datatable to a repeater. Not sure why is it throwing an error. I am not familiar with tableadapter.

1: Check this
2: Check this out on different ways to bind datatable to a DataBoundControl.
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I can bind the repeater perfectly fine, if you read what I asked ;

can you PAGE as in add 'paging' to a repeater generated using a tableadapter created from a strongly typed dataset..

Did you read the article that talked about a pager control for non-paging controls?
Yeah I skipped through it and it results in the same issue when using a datatable derived from a strongly typed dataset. :(
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According to Microsoft this is not possible.