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SSL Certificate

In a particular site I have a webserver that have a ssl certificate for the website that it have .
Now my question is:
I have to move the website and also the ssl certificateto another location(country) but it will continue answering
to the same site.
How can I move the certificate in IIS 7 - Windows 2008?
I know that on the same lan I can do it.
The ssl is a certificate generated from Thawte.
Joel Pessoa
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Paul MacDonald
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The SSL Certificate is tied to the site (domain name, usually), not the computer so it should be completely portable.

Here's instructions on backing up/exporting your SSL certificate so you can import it elsewhere:

New server is IIS 7 and old one is?
paulmacd is correct. provided you type the same name into the browser to reach it, the same certificate should work for that site regardless of what server hosts it.

there are issues with exporting the secret key from some platforms, and sometimes you have to do some sort of conversion, but those are all easy and well documented procedures.
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