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Dynamics GP - SQL Trigger

I need to create a SQL trigger on the SOP10200 table to track the date and time a new line item was added to a sales order in Dynamics GP.  I would like to write out the Sales order number, Line item, price, and time stamp to a custom table.  Any help with the coding on this trigger would be appreciated.  Thank you
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It's not recommended to apply SQL triggers on any of GP tables. You can use Dex_TS column instead.
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That column gives you the last modified date, not the date the record was written to the table.
You need to use Dexterity Table Triggers then.
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Can you give some reasoning for why this is not recommended?  That may very well be the case, but I think it would be helpful to have some backup for your statement so that the reasons can be evaluated to see if they apply in this case specifically.
Basically all i am looking for in the end is a a custom table that lays out the date a line item was added to a sales order along with the price of that item.  I would want the trigger to run for new records as well as updates to existing records.
Can you explain what you are trying to show us from this link?
Why using SQL Triggers is not recommended with Dynamics GP, and that SQL Triggers interfere with Dynamics GP processes.

If you insist on applying SQL Triggers on Dynamics GP DB, read this article:

Again, it's not recommended.
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Victoria, that was my thinking as well.  I don't want to modify any existing GP tables.  I want to write to a new custom table data from a GP table.
Well, if the above case does not include the case where the INSERT SQL Trigger updates non-GP tables does not mean it is not troublesome. My suggestion is to do one of the followings:

1- Search the Internet for a case where the INSERT Trigger updates non-GP table, and see others experience in this, then apply it on your Test environment and test thoroughly.
2- Read how to make a Table trigger in Dexterity, it's easy. (refere to the Dexterity Manuals).