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Outlook data file error

I am constatnly getting an outlook error "The data file personal folder was not close properly, this file is being check for prblem" ; I let outlook process the error (takes about 2 minutes);
it looks ok for a while (day or two) and then again,  everything looks ok, any ideas.

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Find SCANPST in your Program Files \ Microsoft Office folder (depends on versions) and run SCANPST against your Outlook mail file. Do back it up first.  .... Thinkpads_User
My post is a duplicate of part 2 of the first post. Sorry. ... Thinkpads_User
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How are you closing Outlook, by the Red X at the top right? If so, try using File>Exit, as it closes the PST properly.....

Might be worth creating a new PST file, and importing the contents of the old one to the new one, and changing the Default Delivery Location to the new PST file.....
With a good PST file, you can close Oulook with the X top right. That is completely legitimate if the file itself has no errors so far as I know.   ... Thinkpads_User
Actually, I read a KB article from MS on that a while back, and it referenced the same thing, as the proper way to exit Outlook... Ill see if I can find it....
Please let us know if it refers to any particular version. I have been closing Outlook from V2002 forward (every version) to V2010 with the X top right and never had an issue. Microsoft should not allow us to use it if it is incorrect method :)  ... Thinkpads_User
This might be caused by some outlook add-in also, specially antivirus. I have seen data file problems caused by AV, third party archiving solution and communicator add-ins. Try disabling add-ins  one at a time so you will know if it is caused by perticular add-in or not.