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BES Express 5.0.2 - encryption key expired

Our BES Server crashed, now the BAS is not working, but messages go through fine. This sucks because we need the BAS to administrate BES.

The latest backup that I have is from last month (VMware snapshot esxi 4.0 )

If I restore to that snapshot it works fine but after a few minutes, there is an error with the encryption key being expired so handhelds stop working.

It would be a pain to delete the users from BES one by one and run another EA on every handheld as a solution.

Is there a way to copy the encryption key from the snapshot  where this encryption key is valid into the old snapshot ?
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Can you be more specific about the exact error message you are seeing?

Have a look at this:


I believe that you'll have to get them to regenerate them either from the handset or desktop software.

You shouldn't have to wipe and reactivate - there are options to just regenerat.

Unfortunately on Express, there's no way to do it for all handsets OTA.

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Reinstall and use database from backup