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permissions suddenly intermittent on Windows Server 2003

I have a Windows Server 2003 single domain controller on a network of 10-15 has been acting well for a couple of years.  We share and restrict some access minimally.  Today, the access and sharing permaissions seemed to scramble.  Users could still access files on the server, but intermittently, access to the Timeslips folder, and Quickbooks files folder. were rejected.  We've not changed the access permissions to these file folders for months/years, so I'm perplexed.  I'm not even sure where to start troubleshooting, as messing with permissions can get tricky.

Here's what I know and have done so far.  I signed onto the server directly as administrator, and navigated to the folder where Timeslips is installed.  At first, I checked permissions, and noted that administrators and domain users were allowed full access.  Then when I tried to navigate into the folder, I got a permission not granted error.  So, even though administrator was listed as the owner, I took over ownership of the folder as administrator.  I was then able to open and view all files in the folder...AND even though domain users who had previously been able to navigate into these files via their network mapped drives, were still not able to navigate in...they were able to access Timeslips again.

then soon after, they again got sharing/permission errors when trying to open timeslips.  then still later they got back in.

the Quickbooks files are also acting strangely, as I can easily navigate to them, but when I run the Quickbooks File Manager scan on the folders, it suddenly finds no files in there that it wants to share to Quickbooks network users.  Users were still able to use Quickbooks, then later not able to.

Any ideas? thanks
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Do you have a good nightly/weekly backup? This may help you avoid some headaches trying to restore permissions to specific folders, such as your Quickbooks directory.

Was the Timeslips folder the only one where domain users had full access or are there any others?
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Thanks for the direction.  I ran updates, and ran virus checks, and the problem seemed temporary and isolated to our Timeslips network program.  the tech there did some work, and we have been running well for a couple extra weeks now.  Either I panicked, or your help kept the problem from getting any worse, or both. :-)