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StrokeIt don't autostart under Windows 7(x64) with UAC

Hi Experts,

I'm running Windows 7(x64) Ultimate with UAC, also I'm using StrokeIT, when I set strokeit as autorun when logon windows, the registry entry is correct, but when I logon windows, StrokeIT din't running.

I'm using schedule task to start Everything(cmd /c start D:\Tools\everything.exe, with administrators), and it works fine.
but when I'm using the same way to start StrokeIT(cmd /c start D:\Tools\strokeit.exe), nothing happened except a command prompt window shown.
I can create a schedule task to running D:\Tools\StrokeIT.exe and it works fine, but when I open schedule task manager, this task status always is running. I want the StrokeIT.exe autorun and the task schedule status is ready after run.
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  cmd /c start "" d:\tools\strokeit.exe
After add quotes(""), it works fine!
Thanks very much!

And I found another way:
using psexec to do it with schedule task:
  psexec -d d:\tools\strokeit.exe

I'd better like John's way, because we needn't another tools. :-)
Glad it was easy...   Those darn quotes always bit me in the butt.....   :-)

Dont overlook psexec, it is a GREAT tool, and you will find many uses for it..... Maybe not for this one, but its worth it's weight in gold easily..... All the Sysinternals Suite....