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Google Calendar displays another user's items

Since recently, my Google Calendar displays in the top area many entries apparing to belong to a [legitimate] business manager located in St. Petersburg, Russia (in Russian). All my entries are there as well, in the hourly grid. The email at Google devoted to security breaches never responded -- what could be done, besides that I already changed my password?
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I'd like to clear all history, cache, cookies, saved password and so on, then close browser and reload it again.
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Thank you for your reply.
However, I tried it before, and it did not help.
This is a proxy problem. Either you are behind proxy in the company or your ISP use kind of proxy for caching.
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You are probably subscribed to that users calendars.   Go to Options | Calendar Settings | Calendar tab |  Then find the calendar and unsubscribe.
If you have subscriptions to no other calendars, let me know.

If you click on one of these calendar items and open for details, what does it show for the calendar owner?  Does it show your email or his?

Regarding the Google Support:  Are you an Apps Enterprise (paid) account or one of the free ones?   Did you use the support form and the customer pin (begins with ENT) and the support pin?   The Customer Pin changes frequently so you need to go through the support page on your CPANEL site for your domain.   I.e.,
I got a neglected question alert on this one.

This is really interesting.  Contact this fellow and ask if he is still interested in information security.  If he is not, he may be able to direct you to someone who can offer some assistance or who can bring this issue to public attention in a way that will get a good response.  Read his first post here:

All the best, Ray

Please answer the questions regarding which version of Google Apps you are running.

Please confirm that you've made sure that you are not subscribed to the other calendar, or are displaying a public calendar.

Does the issue happen in different browsers?  Which browser do you use?

We are a Google Apps Authorized Reseller.  Please post your answers here or ping me directly.

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I am a free user, started with GMail and expanded to Calender.
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Deleting the stray accounts in Calendar Setting helped to clear my view