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Giving a Programmer full access to a specific database (and no access to others) including object explorer

I'm trying to set up a user who can have pretty much full access to a specific database.  He could view all objects and have read-write-delete access.  Most of what you would have as sa.  The login is for development purposes.

I created  a server user with the default database assigned.

I create the same user for the database and added him to the dbo_owner role and he can access the database fine in a query window.

The user cannot see the database or any other using Object Explorer in SSMS.  I need for him to be able to use object explorer.

SQL Server 2008.
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Although the terms login and user are often used interchangeably, they are very different.

    A login is used for user authentication
    A database user account is used for database access and permissions validation.

It looks like you create User but not Login.

You should (with SSMS) as DBA:
1. Connect to your MS SQL instance.
2. Security / Logins / Right Click / New... /
3. On the page "General": Login name: <name>  / Choose authentication and set password if needed / Default Database: <database>
4. On the page "User Mapping":  Choose DB / Select role: db_owner

If you used
Databases / <your DB> / Security / Users / New User ...
You still need DB Login.

When you create Login (stept 1-4) above the User will be created automatically and usually there are no issues with access.
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Yes, that's what I was doing.  Sorry about the improper naming.  Just to be sure I created another login exactly as you mention here.

I'm still getting the same error when I try to open ssms as this user.  See attached screen shots. User generated image User generated image
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There are no references in DemoGolf_842 to Inge_839 or any other databases.   I tried granting access for the login to Inge_839 and then got the same error with a different database.  (it seems like ssms is confused and thinks that the login wants to access other databases.
change the default database login to master.
That didn't handle.  But I searched for the SQL Server error and found this:

This suggestion solved my problem:

Please try using the following workaround and let us know if that helps:
1) Bring Object Explorer Details window by selecting View --> Object Explorer Details in menu (or hitting F7)
2) In Object Explorer window click at Databases folder
3) In Object Explorer Details window right-click at the column header and deselect Collation
4) Refresh Databases folder.

Doing this worked.  According to the thread, SP1 handles this as well.  Here's a link to the thread.

Thanks for your help.