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Cisco AnyConnect VPN Users access across site-to-site VPN

Hi, I have users is the US on windows, linux and mac's using cisco anyconnect and they have issues trying to access to a server via the L2L tunnel.

When they https to the server, the browser says its connected but does not show a page. I've ensured that the configuration on the ASA is ok where i found that an acl was missing on the outside interface. After running a packet-trace i could see that the access and the nat'ing was correct. I have also ran a test from a Laptop in the UK and that works ok.

is there any checks I can make on the user laptop/anyconnect software? thank you.
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John Meggers
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So the VPN connects and you have an address from a pool.  You try to HTTP to an internal server and don't see anything.  Can you HTTP to any other servers?  Are there any other non-HTTP resources you can try to access, e.g. an FTP server, remote desktop, etc.?  Is there any login or anything on the HTTP server that might help to confirm the connection from the host?  Can you use Wireshark or some other sniffing tool to look at the traffic to try to identify what's happening?  I'm assuming if you HTTP to the server locally everything works, and you say you ran a test from a laptop in the UK that worked, was that going through the VPN or not?
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Hi, confirmed connection to the server is ok by running telnet x.x.x.x 443 and connected ok as i could see the cursor blinking. Ping is ok to the destination as well.

When i ran wireshark I saw a a "tcp previous segment got lost". The frame size was 6720, so above the limit for MTU.

Is there a way to adjust mtu for anyconnect?

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i found the link which resolved the issue.