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Where can I get IE6 SP3 from


I am hoping that someone can let me know where I can download Service Pack 3 for IE6 to run on Windows XP. I know about the Microsoft support for this (July 2010), but I still need to get hold of a copy ASAP.  

If anyone can let me know where I can download a copy it would be greatly appreciated.

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It's not clear for me if you want to update Windows XP to SP3 or that you want to update IE6 to the latest IE6-servicepack.
IE6 Service Pack 1 is the latest service pack for IE6 (although there are numerous updates after that) and can be downloaded here:

Windows XP SP3 can be downloaded here: and will update Windows including internet explorer to Internet Explorer 7.
Internet Explorer 8 can be downloaded here:
and is also the latest version available for Windows XP. IE9 will not run on Windows XP.

It depends on your needs. If you have critical business applications running in IE6 then I would recommend to first test you application in the latest browsers before you deploy IE8 or IE9 to the rest of the computers. Then IE6 SP1 should be a saver start.
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Thanks for the responses so far.  

Basically We have been advised that we need to be running IE6 SP3, and the clients are currently running on IE6 SP2.  Further to this we have been advised not to upgrade to any other version of the browser, which is why I am looking for IE6 SP3.  After shahzadbux's post I did a bit more looking around and from what I can tell IE6 SP1 can be downloaded, but to install IE6 SP2 or SP3 you need to install the corresponding XP SP.  Is this correct??

Doesn't seem to be a case where I can download a standalone copy of IE6 SP3.
As you said, to update IE6 you have to install Windows XP SP3. Windows XP SP2 and SP3 have much safety improvements which are use by Internet Explorer also. The only copy that is downloadable is the one in the link above.
There maybe standalone versions of IE6 SP3 available on the internet but that's not recommended because they can give non-common issues, and no fixes are available for these standalone versions.
Install XP service pack 3 and you will then have IE6 Service pack 3

look at release history here
They said that they had already installed XP SP3, but after reapplying IE6 SP3 was also installed.