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There is a command in MySQL that can show montlhy entries on a database ?

This is just a simple question because I don't know so much about MySQL. There is any command that can show the total of entries in a month?. Something like this:

2010-08-10 Total entries: 8
2010-10-11 Total entries: 9

I just need to know which command in MySQL can show me the total entry in one month.
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you can use group by month(DATECOLUMN);

select month(DATECOLUMN) as Month,concat('total entries',count(*)) as totalEntries from tablename group by month(DATECOLUMN);
Monthly or daily?  Your example seems to mean daily.

Anyway for monthly:

select month(datetime_column), year(datetime_column), count(whatever_preferably_indexed_column) from table_name group by month(datetime_column), year(datetime_column);

If daily

select date(datetime column), count(whatever_preferably_indexed_column) from table_name
group by daate(datetime_column);
Note that I included year(datetime_column) because your table might span multiple years.  Without it, you will count entries for january of 2009 and 2010 together, for example.
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Here is an example what I want, and it is a monthly entry not daily. Just supose that in january only eleven persons access to a webpage , So I should see something  like this on mysql:

|Month     | Total Entries |
| 01          |            3        |
Have you even tested the sample code already given to you?   I guess the only thing missing there is to alias the table columns.  I would rather point you to the right page where you can learn it:

then search the page for "alias"
I have run all the MySQL commands but how I can make that this one just show me one month and not all the months ?. As I said before, I just need that the SQL command shows me one month not all of them

select month(06) as Month,concat('total entries',count(*)) as totalEntries from sqlguestbook group by month(06);

I just tried to used but I get the following screen:

|Month     | Total Entries |
| NULL     |            3        |

It never show me the month just the word NULL and not the month (which is june as you see on the command).

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When I write this command on MySQL:

Select '06' as Month count(*) as TotalEntries from totalEntries Where month(datetime_column)=6 and year(datetime_column)=2011

I get this error message:

ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'count(*) as TotalEntries from totalEntries Where month (entry_date)=6 and year(e' at line 1
Typo. Add a comma before count.