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Access 2010 Open a second form to the record selected on the first form, but still include all records

Hello all

i am creating an asset register using Access 2010. i have a user form that lists assets currently designated to that user in a subform, and i have another form that gives more details on the asset (serial etc).

i would like to be able to double click the asset listed in the users form to then open the asset form at the correct record. i have added code that works to this effect, but not exactly how i'd like it - the code i have is:

Private Sub Type_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)

DoCmd.OpenForm "frm_Asset", , , "Asset_ID = '" & Me.Asset_ID & "'"
End Sub

this opens the frm_Asset at the correct record but it's filtered, so the user needs to turn the filter off if they need to search through the main database. once the user turns the filter off the form then goes back to record 1.

is there anyway i can do this so it just jumps straight to the record, rather than filtering it out?

thanks in advace for suggestions
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BTW - the asset_ID field is a text field, not numeric
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perfect - thanks!
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