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Is it possible to use 2 monitors separately?

I have Windows 7 and a graphics card with 2 HDMI outputs and 2 HDMI monitors.  What I would like to do is this.  Use 1 monitor to display windows media player ONLY to my audience (that will be playing videos) while using the other monitor to view my desktop and work on in the meantime while the videos are playing that my "audience" does not see.
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I am using 2 monitors as you are asking.
If you extend the desktop (windows+P to show projector settings, then select "Extend"), then you are able to show another content on the second screen, while working on anything else on the first one.

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Ok, I tried this and here's what it does.  Monitor 1 keeps normal and I can see my desktop etc along w/ media player.  Monitor 2 only shows me the picture on my desktop background.
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You will need to drag the content you want to show on the second monitor on your right (by default, or the position you chose in the settings).
right click on desktop
select personalize
select display settings
you will see two monitors icons at the top of the screen
select monitor 2
click checkbox Extend the desktop onto this monitor.
place what ever you want on monitor 1 and monitor 2.

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The start menu will not be displayed on both monitors.  Just drag the windows media player the the monitor without the start menu and maximize it.