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Message Format xml

my application get a message from msmq and populate in datagrid view at the same time i show up in message box also.

All my messages are XML messages (<> tag based).

while (Enum.MoveNext())
                        mes = Enum.Current;
                        mes.Formatter = new XmlMessageFormatter(new string[] { "System.String,mscorlib" });
                        m = mes.Body.ToString();

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messagebox.show(m); now show messages eg: <Header><child></child></Header>

I just want to show a message in my message box like

any help please

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8/22/2022 - Mon

I understand your problem as being one of presentation, that is the message you retrieve is all on a single line and you would prefer it to have one tag on each line. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Unfortunately, carriage returns and line feeds are irrelevant as long as XML is concerned. More precisely they are treated as spaces and thus ignored.

A solution would be to :

1°) Retrieve the raw body of the message.
2°) Deserialize the body into custom class instances you would have defined. Deserialization would be performed using the XmlSerializer.Deserialize() method.
3°) Create an instance of XmlWriterSettings and adjust its property to your needs (use NewLineOnAttributes property)
4°) Create a MemoryStream instance
5°) Create an XmlWriter instance (using Create method) and provide both the settings from 3° and the stream from 4° as arguments.
6°) Create a new XmlSerializer then invoke the Serialize method on the root object of your message and provide the writer from 5°) to the method.
7°) Reset position of stream from 4° to the beginning, read the full content of the stream and translate to a string using whathever Encoding is required.

That's it. However isn't it a little bit overkill ?

you got my problem correct BourbonKid.

you might seen in my code already am formatting the message ,all i want is just read the whole string and put new line after every tag.

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Line 2 should be:

    using System.IO;
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i can't thank enough to you guys Kaufmed and bourbonkid for your great help