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Exchange Offline Address Book Download Error

I just found this erorr our client machines Running Xp/Win 7 all with Office 2007.  on exchange 2003 on server 2k3.

Our address books are not updating and when i try and Download them i get this erorr.

I have tryed rebuilding them but still same Error
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Have a look here for some guidance to see whether your setup is the same:
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Try and delete all OAB files for the user on the affected computers.
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techies123:Try and delete all OAB files for the user on the affected computers.

on Windows 7 go to the following C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

There should be some OAB files in there. If not do a search for *.oab on the profile and delete them.
Trying on my Xp machine.. Cant find any .qab files   Would it be the same?
The file are OAB not QAB
WIndows XP computers try the following... C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
yes sorry I searched for *.oba and nothing  User generated image also nothing in folder if i look
Try turning off "use cached exchange mode" and try a manual GAB download.
Well I found the oab files I didnt go local folder.. I deleted them all restarted outlook and still the same.  

I went into mail setting and removed Cached check box and started outlook Still same erorr
OK. If you create a new profile do you get the same problem?

Logon as a different user on the same machine and see what happens.
Yes just created a new user and mailbox Logged into my machine with the new profile.. Tryied to download and same error..

Getting it on all my other machine also
Ah... In that case you will have to create a new GAB database and set it as the default.
Have a look on the links provided below. Look like you are having issues with OAB generation in the Exchange Server.

As said in the above link look for Event ID: 9331 in the Exchange Server and go through the troubleshooting steps as mentioned.

I do have those Event Errors  
I read the blog but not sure if its telling me what to do as far as trouble shoot.

As said in the above link #2 try dismounting and mounting the public folder database in the Exchange Server.
I just Tried Unmouting Both the Mailbox store and Public Store and tried it and same error ..  Was i suppose to do somthing before i dismounted?
I guess your server is having issues with OAB generation, this bit difficult to troubleshoot. I'm not recommending to go ahead with troubleshooting step #1 in the link which I've provided.

Try rebooting Global Catelog server and the Exchange Server may solve this issue.
Ok well I had to wait till after 4 to Reboot the servers...But nothing still same issues.  I keep reading this is not a easy thing to fix.   Just not sure what else to try
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How do i open a case with MS PSS?
Opened a Case with Microsoft -thanks
Great they called me up and told me they dont support any issue on Server 2003 on Vmware host..and refunded my money.  You know any 3 rd pary support vendors ?