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pixelation on monitor

We have a new internet provider.  Occasionally my screen gets pixelated (like for 2-3 seconds) and then clears up.  Do you think the monitor is going bad or is the connection broken?  The monitor is still under warranty. I know the new IP doesn't have as strong a signal as the old one did at our old office location.  The monitor is a ViewSonic and wasn't cheap.
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If you get pixelated when watching video, that's usually nothing to worry about.  It just means the network bandwidth can't catch up with the video demand for a second.  If it happens randomly to everything you do on the computer, do get the monitor checked out then.
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I get it when I am on a website.  The entire site pixelates.  No video involved.
Do you only use one browser (Internet Explorer)?  If you use other browsers like Firefox or Chrome, does the site have the same problem with them too?
I have a mac and primarily use Safari.  
Do you know if that's a Flash site?  Safari may have an outdated Flash plug-in.  Try upgrading the plug-in.  If still no joy, unless you have an old OS X, I'd indeed check with the hardware manufacturer.
Bring it up in the BIOS and see if it pixellates.  If it does, you have a hardware problem, in the video card or the monitor or the cable, or you could have an overheating video card.

Boot with a Knoppix CD and see if it pixellates.  If it doesn't, the problem may be the video card driver.  
I have a mac.

What do you mean by BIOS?
Where do I get a Knoppix CD?  Does that work on a mac?
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