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Windows Installation Error

A previous computer guy put Windows 7 on an old XP computer.  I formatted the hard drive and attempted to do a fresh install of XP Pro, but once the setup says "starting windows" I get the blue screen.

The error is  STOP: 0x0000007B (0XF78D2524, 0XC0000034, OX00000000, 0X00000000)

Any ideas on how to get the installation to continue?  I have tried a few different XP discs to no avail.
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Most likly the computer you are using has the BIOS set for using raid, this means that windows would need the proper driver from the manfuacturer to start and is missing, which is why you are getting the hard stop.

You have a copule of options;

1. you can turn off raid support in bios and go legacy
2. or provide the raid drivers from the pc manfuacture during windows setup.
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STOP 0x7B means there is no boot device for XP setup, this is most likely being caused by a lack of drivers for your storage. Firstly check in the BIOS as to what mode the hard drive is set to, if it's SATA 'RAID' or 'AHCI'. If the option for 'ATA' or 'Compatible' exists then try running setup with this option. If this doesn't work or you can only use RAID or AHCI then you will need to get the XP drivers for your storage controller onto a floppy and when prompted just after setup starts you press F6 to supply these drivers. The link below is an excellent guide to getting storage drivers and running setup for Win XP and Server 2003.

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Just Go to Bios setup screen (By F2 or Delete)
Then find the hard disk mode option:
and select ATA instead of AHCI

AHCI settings are intended for vista and win7 So XP can not recognize them.
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good answer