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Importing certificates on an Android Samsung GT-I9100

Hi experts,

for connection of mobile devices to an Exchange server I'm using self signed certificates to get ActiveSync connection.
That does work fine on iPhones and Windows Phone 7 smartphones (root cert an site cert)

When trying to import the same certificate files on an Android based phone (here : Samsung GT-I9100) I cannot install them.
I have moved the files on several paths on the phone (root, usbstorage, sdcard root).

But always when trying to import via "Settings"/"Location and Security"/"Install from USB storage" I get the error message "No certificate file found on SD card".
Using the file explorer on the device I can "see" the files, executing them gives "no application can execute ...".

Am I using the wrong cert file format (although in several forums it's recommended to use .pfx files) ?
Am I placing the files into the wrong folder ?

Thanks in advance for help.

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send an email to  ur self via other email client like gmail...etc and install it

or open OWA in PHONE and install it
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Hi snailcat,

thanks for that answer.
Sorry, did not work (the files were on the root as I wrote, also p12 files are not accepted ("No certificate file found ...")

Hi praveenkumare_sp,
thanks also.
I did this and sent a mail to the phone using OWA.
When accessing the attachments from imbound mail I simple get the message that I have to save this type of attachment to a disk (Using the CTRL Key :-))

Problem is not to get the files on the phone but processing them ...

Once u see the certificate you will get an option to press that attachement , which would install it.

there is no seperate folder or way of processing the certificate on the phone. the only way is get the certificate inside the phone, using any one of the ways i suggested or a memory card also will do and selecting that cert and it installs automatically

Am I using the wrong cert file format (although in several forums it's recommended to use .pfx files) ?
As ur creating a selfsigned cert try creating a .cer format instead of .pfx may be android does not understand .pfx

Am I placing the files into the wrong folder ?
as i said above there is no separate folder so such i mobile phones

Hi all,

sorry, I have to revise my statement above.

Solution was :
- rename the pfx files into .p12
- copy to the root of the devide (NOT "usbStorage")
- install ...